Update 0.0.9 changelog and more invites coming soon

Here is the changelog for the current version 0.0.9. We are trying to fix a few small issues right now and hope to be able to release a new version by the end of next week. When the next update is ready we will send more invites and allow the first batch of people who registered for the beta to jump into the closed alpha test.


v0.0.9 (ALPHA)

- fixed overall level tooltip on char selection screen

- added more multiplayer code to sync abilities (1vs1)

- added syncinc for special effects (shockwave)

- fixed some sounds not playing for the second player

- started to fix Moon Raccoon Laser ability (laser not moving with paddle and not syncing properly)

- added clickable version info on top (alpha/beta)

- added small bug icon on top - click it to report bugs or submit feedback

- added game over screen (winning after 5 points)

- added XP gain after winning a game (level system not finished)

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