New Update v0.0.8 (ALPHA) - Multiplayer fixes

Hi! It's time for another update. I had some problems with multiplayer connections and syncing but it seems everything is working as expected now.


v0.0.8 (ALPHA)

- started to implement "Private Game" mode (challenge a friend)

- added code to select a random level out of the player selected levels before the game starts

- fixed re-connection issue when changing playername while auto-reconnect was active

- other small UI fixes

- started to implement abilities of the Moon Raccoon, Corgi General and the exclusive Indiegogo Unicorn characters

- updated level backgrounds for "The Moon" and "Earth"

- updated character icons for the "Moon Raccoon" and "Corgi General"

- finally (!) fixed multiplayer server problem where no new games could be created

- added code for multiplayer synchronisation to sync CharID and LevelID

(each player selects a level and then one of the selected levels is chosen randomly)

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