Updated Perks and important note about the Digital Deluxe character

Hello dear followers and visitors. We updated our Perks on Indiegogo today. Here are the changes: 

  • the 1€ Perk has been removed because of the high fees for small amounts 
  • the 15€ Perk with bonus content now includes the soundtrack (was in 25€ before) 
  • the Digital Deluxe Perk has been lowered from 50€ to 25€ and includes the special playable "Unicorn" character which is only available via Indiegogo 
  • the Founder Perk has been lowered from 100€ to 50€ and adds your name to the credits of the game 
  • we added a new Founder PLUS Perk for 100€ which includes guaranteed access to the closed betatest 
  • all Perks above Founder PLUS (Royal, Creator, Emperor) now include guaranteed access to the closed alphatest

Please note: The special Unicorn character will be only available for a limited time via our Indiegogo campaign. If you buy the Digital Deluxe version later it will have another character. 

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